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Century Century Carriers Inc
Soeske Hartjes said 3 years ago
Just everything is wrong about this company. I have never yet written a review. But this company left me no choice. A delivery window of 4 hours to start with. I think today in 2016 that can be narrowed down to max 2 hr delivery window. Then they do not deliver in the window as promised the day before when they called, nor give me a call that the driver will be late. The guy is actually showing up 2,5 hrs late!!! The people of planning definitely need to give these delivery guys need bigger time windows for the deliveries. The day before they had called and someone left a voicemail without a company name/phonenumber/delivery order nr/any information at all. Just a confirmation of the delivery time. So I call back the number. Nobody answers, there's a voicemail box where I left a message. They then say they never received it. It is just absolutely outrageous. Nobody calls back. Then I had to find out through Mitchell Gold Bob Williams that has outsourced their deliveries to Century Carriers, that Century Carriers is the name of the company. I call their general customer service number, where I have been put on hold for 10 minutes. I get transferred back to the receptionist she transfers me back again and finally I speak to the mystery woman who left me the voicemail. Nobody seems to care. It is sad. And we are living in the US, how can this company still be in business?! When I ask about a complaint procedure where I can file an official complaint they put me in hold for and it turns out there is non.... So here we are... Hope people read this and will not use their services or even better yet Century Carriers reads it and improves their service levels.
jonathan bryant said 3 years ago
They suck. And i was an employee there. They fired me for no reason same thing just like the deliverys bad communication. If u reading this do not let them handle ur merchandise. It is kicked around in the warehouse. And not secure.
Ivan Rahman said 3 years ago
This is, hands-down, the WORST delivery service I have ever dealt with. Moreover, they seemed like they could not care less that I had to keep taking off from work in order to be home to receive my delivery. At the end of the day, if you can avoid using this delivery company, do yourself a favor and don't rely on them.
Ina Lee said 3 years ago
HORRIBLE SERVICE. Why does Horchow use them?
Bice Gael said 4 years ago
A disgusting company that does not need to be in business. They need to be reported to the better business bureau and relieved of their license immediately. Should also be slapped with a number of lawsuits. They get a ZERO rating from me.