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Tara Stonebraker said 2 years ago
Almost got in a wreak because the tow truck driver pulled out in front of me on the highway. Called and confronted the driver and all he said was sorry and why didn't I move over? I had the right away plus there was a truck next to me and couldn't get over...but he still pulled out onto the highway!!
Cece M said 6 years ago
I went there today to buy a used tire and I did not notice the small sign written in black marker that they were closed on weekends, but when I opened the door to the establishment there was two men and one woman standing there. I asked if I can buy a used tire. Well one of the men (barely a tooth in his head) and the woman were beyond rude to me that I didn't notice that they were closed. I told them I would go to Ricks tires in Muldrow,OK instead. I've never contributed to a review for anything, but because of their total lack of customer service and rudeness, I had to. Try to avoid this establishment if you can! Go to Ricks tire and auto service instead, they were very helpful. And if you need a your vehicle towed,call somebody else!!