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Serving the greater Asheville, NC area, our full lineup of quality previously owned vehicles means that you can find what you are looking for at Low Rider Auto Sales, Inc

Jan Banks said 2 years ago
I drove up close to the office, got out of my car, locked the doors, went over to one area to check out 3 vehicles. Looked over, under and thru the windows. No one ever came out to even speak to me. How rude and unprofessional! They had 3 Honda's that I was very interested in. But now wouldn't buy at ANY price. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression!
Brittany Nowell said 3 years ago
Please do not buy from these guys. No matter your situation, if you are 2 weeks behind on payment they will repossess without warning. They glue knobs and other parts on before selling the vehicle and have no humanity as they refuse to work with anyone in a difficult situation.
Brian Butcher said 2 years ago
Great sales and service!!!
Scott Goff said 3 years ago
For many years I swore by these guys for repairs. Knowledgeable, affordable, quick, and kind. I had recommended this place to everyone I talked to that needed a mechanic in the general Asheville area, and never got anything but great feedback. For repairs, anyway. Definitely don't buy a car here, they're infamous for ripping people off by selling cars that break down within the first month, and telling everyone who complains about it, essentially "That never happens, so you're a liar, go screw yourself, we already have your money so no longer care." Stark contrast in a single review, I know. But they really are the best place for repairs in Asheville, and one of the worst for buying a car. So bear in mind that the following is not normal for them, but has made me iffy on ever taking my vehicle back there for repairs: I needed to replace my steering column and called to talk to them about it before having it towed there. they said my car was behind 3 cars so if they didn't work on it that day, they would work on it the next day. I told them to call me and tell me an price estimate after they looked at it, before they worked on it. Toward the end of the next day, no phone call, so I called them and talked to the always-kind lady that works the office. She said she'd ask the mechanic whether he had looked at it yet and that she would call me back. 24 hours later, still no phone call, so I called them back. Litterally the same conversation repeated, and still no call toward the end of the following day. This same situation repeated itself for 2.5 weeks (other than weekends, where they are closed) before something changed: the mechanic happened to be in the office when I called, so she put him on the phone. He told me he finally got around to looking at the car an hour earlier, and told me I needed a new steering column. (remember, I told them that 2.5 weeks prior) He then said he'd have find one and order it, and it would take a few days to arrive before he could work on it, but he'd finish it the day it arrived. He told be a ball-parked price range, I agreed, and 1.5 weeks later of repeating the convo with the office lady above (a whole month from it initially arriving there) I finally got in touch with the mechanic again. He said he found a place with the part, but still needed to order it. Told me again that it'd take a few days to arrive but that he'd finish it the day it arrive, he told me the price, I agreed to it. (I had given the okay he needed 1.5 weeks ago, and had been trying to reach him for an update that whole time, but whatever) 2 weeks later of the same phone calls to the office each day, I got in touch with the mechanic again. He said he worked on it earlier that day, that it only took a few hours to replace, and that I could pick it up the next day. So I did. I finally got my car back. I'd still say they are knowledgeable, affordable, and kind, but I can no longer say they are always quick. (1.5 MONTHS for a 5 day repair (Able to look at it the next day, 3 days for the part to arrive, a few hours to install) And they never, not once, called me back. Every single call was from me to them, and them saying at the end of the convo that they would call me right back after talking to the mechanic. She never even talked to the mechanic unless he was in the office when I called. and all she'd do was hand him the phone. I guess it really does take one bad experience to ruin an image I'd take my car there again in a heartbeat, if it wasn't for this one bad experience. That 1.5 months fiasco had cost me my job and strained the relationship with family and friends. Not worth it. Go anywhere else.
Melissa Costabile said 4 years ago
We were in need of a vehicle a couple times over the years and were not in any type of position to buy something with credit. Jimmy and Judy were accommodating for the past two vehicles we got and we are planning on trying to buy a third car from them in the next year. Their commitment to making sure their customers can afford something and get to a better place is their highest importance and I am proud to be a multiple vehicle owner of Low Rider!