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Carey Moving & Storage | Greenville, Charlotte, & Knoxville TN Movers

Carey Moving & Storage was founded in 1907 & is a most trusted name in moving in Spartanburg, Greenville, Knoxville, Asheville, & Charlotte.

David Rutherford said 2 years ago
Carey moved us from Asheville NC to Bluffton SC. Neal did a great job with the initial interview and household goods assessment and the crew at pick up and delivery were very friendly and professional. Chuck is an outstanding foreman and driver. We had a phenomenal experience with no issues. Great job all around. I would definitely use Carey Moving again!!!
Kelsi Williams said 2 years ago
Today, my husband and I spent almost $2000 to have the contents of a 1,350 square foot rental house moved less than 1 mile into our newly purchased house. Tonight, right now, my 5 children are sleeping on the floor because their beds are completely non-functional. Some are damaged so badly that we will most likely not be able to repair them. All 3 sets of bunks were purchased just 4 months ago and in great condition this morning. The mover who disassembled and reassembled the beds decided that it would be a good idea to use a hammer drill with a Phillips head bit...on hex bolts. He completely stripped and cross threaded every bolt and damaged the frames in the process. In an attempt to solve the problem he had created, I went to Lowe's and spent $20 on new bolts. I returned with the new hardware, and was told that they were leaving. We asked them to fix the beds, as they had already been paid and that is half of the job. They said they had to go. We asked them to come back tomorrow if they couldn't finish the job today. They said they couldn't do that. Just...no. Wow. Oh, and all of that happened after I had already tipped them EACH $60. And given one of them a piece of furniture that he said his mom would really like. All in all, it was a VERY disappointed experience. My children are spending the first night in their new home on the floor, and we may very well have to purchase new beds for them. I would recommend this company to NO ONE...unless they find a way to make this right.
Sandra Castro said 2 years ago
The driver, Chuck, was excellent and gets 5 starts. However, the 3 man crew leader was disgruntled with the fact that I had paid an extra $500 for the unpacking service called "maid service". He confronted me and stated that the service was "stupid" and that the moving company was "stupid" for offering it. It appeared that the other men on the crew were in agreement. I went to another room to find the driver and enquired of him if I should cancel that portion of the move since the crew did not want to perform the service. A small portion of unpacking was done (one closet) before the 3 crew left. Chuck, alone, stayed and did more unpacking. Despite Chuck's heroic efforts, the service could not be completed with only him! I was highly uncomfortable with this situation which was further comalic ated by the fact that many of the boxes (packed by the moving company) were unlabled. Thus when the crew moved the boxes into my new home they asked where a certain box went. I could not tell them which frustrated them. Many boxes had to be opened to determine contents and placement. The crew was angry about this as well. Chuck stated that one of the crew that loaded failed to mark any of the boxes that he packed. Furthemore, day one (packing) was hampered by only 2 crew members instead of the contracted 3 plus driver (Chuck). This prolonged the day and the work load on the crew. Day 2 (loading), again only 2 crew members plus the driver and once again causing a prolonged day. Overall, I cannot recommend use of the mover.
Jim Friedman said 2 years ago
Always smiling, wonderful rates, positive people, helpful. This is the company you want in your corner.... moving is stressful enough and they made it easy. Thank you to Neal and Carol Tracy and the entire team.
Glenn Roberts said 2 years ago
Picked this company cause they were close by and had national affiliation with Allied Van Lines. Tracie the agent, was warm and informative, she quickly set up my move and gave me a reasonable quote. I spoke with her multiple times before the move and she was quick to get back with me with answers to my worries. The day of the move the guys were prompt and courteous. They moved us efficiently and professionally looking out for my valuable furniture. They did not take a break and had us loaded ahead of schedule. They skipped lunch and almost beat us to our storage spot 40 miles away. I would highly recommend this company to anyone moving in the Asheville area.