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Intelligent Skincare

Dermatologist formulated skincare products. The best of science and nature combine for healthy, beautiful skin.

Gayle B said 1 year ago
I did not have a good experience at this office AT ALL. I saw Nash 1st time and she rushed me in and out of the room as fast as she could, she did not even answer all my questions. They had a catered lunch they had to get too, I heard the staff talking about. I came back for a followup and saw Press, they charged me more for that visit, even when told me they would not charge me more to see the actual doctor, they lied. Dr. Press was rude and told me that my skin looked horrible, her bed side manner is unacceptable. Dr. Press found things on my skin that the first doc Nash didn't even find. It was right there in plain sight. I am disappointed and in disbelief that this place is still in business with the rude and crass behavior. I would not send anyone here!!!
Erin Lowry said 1 year ago
Horrible standard of care. Unprofessional wait time. Do not recommend.
Karen Steed said 1 year ago
Over an hour waiting for appt. Still not seen. Scheduled over a month ago. Clever.. THEY called the day before to remind me of my appt, seems they forgot me as I'm waiting in their office. NNO ONE is That good You were warned
Hammerschmidt Law Corporation said 2 years ago
Long wait worth it. Great doctor. Never had a problem w/front desk.
6Demi6God6 said 2 years ago
Expect the longest wait for DR. LIMOVA than anyother doc you have ever visited in the past. We are talking over 2+ hours everytime I go in. My last visit was when she told me I needed a biopsy, but they had to close so I had to reschedule for a 10min biopsy after waiting almost 3 hrs. All she cares about is $ and over books her patients. In addition, everytime you go in for a visit you are required to fill out 5 pages of information; even if your last visit was only a week ago. The only a person that enjoys waiting tortously in a crummy doc office belongs with DR. LIMOVA.

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