22 White St, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia

Baptist Church, Bible Church, Gospel Church, Mosque

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(07) 5596 3123


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Baptist Church Nerang
xenaclaireify said 2 years ago
It was a blessing to find an independent baptist church that preaches the gospel and the truth. Pastor Colin was very organized with his style of preaching as there was notes prepared beforehand for all those who attended the service, though some people may find it merely reading what was there. One’s perspective depends on where he is focused on. Whether one is focused on the person preaching it, or on what God wants a person to hear from Him through His word. Also, People were welcoming and warm. Great fellowship experienced in a very short period of time. Overall, because Jesus Christ and His gospel is preached, i highly recommend this church to everyone.
V.I.P.I said 2 years ago
Pastor copies sermons straight from commentaries. Has head down and barely looks at congregation as he reads word-for-word. Despite being approached concerning this issue (the correct way) he still continues to give something that is not his intellectual property and isn't willing to quote the authors during his sermon. Some of these authors contradict with doctrine which Gold Coast Baptist Church stands on. Once these proven facts are known it makes it too difficult to attend.
Jasmine Carroll said 3 years ago
Lovely church. Great biblical teaching
LJ Wagner said 2 years ago
5 stars

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