619 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Baptist Church

Church, Place Of Worship

(02) 9211 1833


Driving Directions

Central Baptist Church
Cindy Brissaud said 2 years ago
Nice sight seeing at night time but streets are busy with construction. Not so easy and pleasant to walk for pedestrians
Daniel L J Hearn said 3 years ago
A lovely church that holds a beautiful service every Sunday. I prefer my own church but I have seen the service here and I would be happy to be one of their faithful flock....
David Rose said 3 years ago
Pleasant staff let me walk thru this lovely Church which has many fine features - looks like they have a lot of music during the services
Javad Mahboobi said 5 years ago
HEAVENY FATHER Im her today for a few minutes , just to ask you to heal and prepair us from all thing which you dont like it as my GOD . AMEN
Julien Chichignoud said 7 years ago
I've never been in there (and I don't plan to since I'm not religious), but the sign outside always says hilarious stuff which I love seeing from the bus. Current one says "You don't need to be on Twitter to follow Jesus".

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