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Fast Food Burger Restaurant Near Courtenay, BC V9N 2L5 - Wendy's

Visit your local Wendy's restaurant in Courtenay, BC V9N 2L5 for quality fresh food and burgers made with the real ingredients that you desire!

Conor MacLoclen said 3 years ago
The last time I went here I fell in love with their fries. They must have changed their recipe because I don't remember them being so good. A recent renovation made this particular Wendy's a little classier too.
Marguerite Toogood said 3 years ago
Was in there yesterday. Kids working the tills were as good as I expect in a fast food restaurant but the system of getting food to the guests lacks. Having someone call out your name barely a whisper and then maybe (and I mean maybe) walking around the place with your cold food looking for you. Also most disappointed in the 3 minute wait for a baked potato at 12:10 and them having to wait almost 13 minutes to get it is wrong. Won't be back in a hurry.
LOUIS APPLE said 3 years ago
Ever since Dave has died the chain has gone downhill even found stuff in the chili that wasn't supposed to be there I never complain but I never went back either
Sanie Joel Cagoco said 3 years ago
Good place to buy food but somewhat pricey than other fast food especially when you upgrade.
Kyle Darling said 3 years ago
Interior is very nice, service is usually fast and friendly. Fries are always fresh!

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