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White Tower Restaurant

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We would like to extend to you an invitation to savor our authentic Greek Cuisine, fabulous steak and lobster, exotic tasting curry dishes or… The Best Pizza in Town!

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Jays Rhyff said 5 years ago
Late in the evening, stressed, we rocked up. Lovely lady put us at our ease. Divine Pizza with great local IPA & cider.
Rocky Forsey said 6 years ago
The first pizza's we ever tried were fabulous, lots of toppings and cheese. We boasted to all our friends about how good they were. Something has changed. They have given me a couple really poorly cooked pizzas, usually cold by time there delivered, overdone or burnt crusts. Todays pizza, an All but the cook pizza, the crust is very overdone , the toppings barely warm and the cheese barely melted into one thick glob of mozza. I cannot boast about their pizzas anymore, and I personally will no longer order another from them again. Chances of what you expect when you order will not be what you receive. This is a shame ,but true!
Dan Grady said 5 years ago
Currently waiting for delivery. 1h40m and counting.
Mea B said 5 years ago
Just ordered a Pizza Sorry it was recommended to us Cold not good will never order there again very disapointed
Traci Mailloux said 6 years ago
BAD, BAD, BAD. The hired help sucks they are rude, when phoning in an order they make you feel like you are bothering them. I have ordered on different times and the prices are not the same, I could post the last 4 orders of take out with different prices for the same thing in the last couple months. The place does not look that clean inside, maybe that's why they keep it dark. If you are looking for a great place to eat please don't pick WHITE TOWER. Pick the Spice Hut.

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