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makayla demetrow said 4 years ago
I love their pizza the crust is cooked perfectly nicely golden brown and I love how the cheese is all stringy and yummy... It meets my pizza expectations...lol
Rusty said 4 years ago
We stopped here for our favourite pizza,Chicken Cesar,Mention something about Nanaimo Pizza Hut and they guy gave us 4 half price coupons medium pizzas.Sure my wife said with a big laugh,I like coupons.
Christine Lyon said 5 years ago
Ordered a pizza 20 minutes before closing time. I asked if it was to late for delivery. No problem. A medium Meatzza pizza arrived 15 minutes later. I told the delivery driver that was way to fast, "was it an old one sitting under the heat lamp?' Nope. Here I sit with a pizza with a pizza dough so undercooked & gooey. UNEDIBLE!! Called back but it's 10 minutes after closing time.... NO ANSWER! DISGUSTED & PISSED OFF
Luke Mathers said 5 years ago
Crap pizza... asked specifically for a well done crispy NOT greasy pizza annnddd that's what I got. Don't go here, it'll be a mistake and now my stomach is in pain from doughy grease bread poop-pizza!
Kalvin Hackett said 4 years ago
I love the taste of the pizza & solid wings😎

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