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Conor MacLoclen said 4 years ago
Ok, surprisingly good! They renovated the place a year ago and I still only saw our most venerable citizens inside so paid it no mind. Then my gf pulled me in and it's essentially like a Smitty's, only better. Good food and service was also pretty good considering she was the only one working.
George Hoekstra said 4 years ago
Poor and incompetent service. After the hostess finally arrived, I requested a table for 5 . This was Aug 10 about 11:30 am. There were no tables for five available. However, there were tables for 4, but they were not willing to move tables together or add one chair to the table for 4. The hostess went to a waitress, but she said she was not willing to accommodate another party of 5. I have never heard of this before. The hostess indicated it would be about a 20 minute to wait for a table for five (while there were empty tables). Also, she indicated because they were 'busy', it would be about a half hour wait to get our food. It was pretty evident they didn't want any more customers. While this was going on , five other potential customers left. In essence, they lost 10 customers....and again there were empty tables. WOW. We had to be at the airport by 1:30. We couldn't wait. Thank goodness I was going back to Alberta. I will never be back at this restaurant.
axle 650 said 4 years ago
No big deal just a "C". Prepare for a wait for service and your food. Even with the new décor and menus. BUT the new bar area looks great to watch a game and apps.
Jennifer Lynn said 4 years ago
Absolutely terrible experience. Waited an hour and paid 30 bucks for 2 half waffles and a greasy disgusting chicken burger with fake processed cheese on it. Upside is the place was nice and clean but the service is terrible. Entitled rude waitress rolling and widening her eyes and getting snooty when customers say they've been waiting a long time. Even to be seated or to order. I had 5 bites of my burger and mentioned it was bad but she didn't really care. I don't like to complain or send things back so of course I sucked it up and took the 20 buck hit. 3 people that came after us ate and left before we even got ours. Would not return. Completely unimpressed. Probably will avoid the chain all together because of this experience.
Someone Isawesome said 4 years ago
This was once a decent place. The current staff terrible..no coffee refills..you see them once..the food has half what it once did ...small portions black salad..had to go directly to the kitchen to ask for napkins coffee and condiments. Won't go back ever.

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