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Sehmi Japanese Restaurant Courtenay

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Greg Hruby said 4 years ago
Had a very nice lunch, sushi was very tasty. We were pleasantly surprised as we had never been before. Will definitely go back.
Curt Carbonell said 4 years ago
I enjoy going here quite a bit however sometimes it feels like a gamble. 3 times I've gotten sashimi (usually the tuna) that's almost crunchy it's so cold. Happened twice in the chirashi bowl and once in a bento box. I still love their food (udong soups and their many delicious rolls), I just usually steer clear of sashimi.
Silja Darling said 4 years ago
We loved the sashimi, very fresh tasting and a generous portion. The rolls we ordered were delicious with excellent combination of flavours, good sauce choices, beautiful presentation, and a good variation of textures with the crunchy bits they garnish with. The service was above standard.
axle 650 said 4 years ago
Always tasty. Saki has a good taste. Is my favourite in Courtenay.
Chris Savard said 4 years ago
This place has excellent quality sushi, great portions, excellent service, and a nice clean restaurant. I highly recommend!

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