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Beef, Chicken, Eggs and Bacon - A&W Guarantee

At A&W, we’re on a journey to source simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care. Find out how we’re taking steps to make a big difference.

BlackFox135 said 3 years ago
The service is good, the burgers are very tasty and the washrooms are very clean
axle 650 said 3 years ago
Just ok for an AW. Have had better tasting teenburger elsewhere
Hymer Saunders said 3 years ago
We love A&W for a fast food restaurant!!! Also to make things even better, they are hormone and anti-biotic free now with their meat. How sweet is that.
luc rising said 3 years ago
Newbies are understably uncomfortable with customers but over time they learn and do very well. I salute A&W Comox for hiring young people.
Milan Boskovic said 3 years ago
Clean restaurant. Food prepared with care.

A rescue worker died while looking for a missing hiker on Mount Baldy in California - CNN

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A volunteer rescue worker died Saturday while searching for a hiker on Mount Baldy in California, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said.
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Hallmark Channel: TV channel pulls Zola.com ads showing same-sex couple after One Million Moms complaint - CBS News

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Ellen DeGeneres asked Hallmark: "Isn't it almost 2020? What are you thinking? Please explain. We're all ears."
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Comey says there was 'real sloppiness' in Carter Page FISA warrants - CNN

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Former FBI Director James Comey conceded that there was "real sloppiness" involved with the bureau's effort to obtain warrants to secretly surveil a Trump campaign adviser in 2016, saying in a Sunday interview that he was "overconfident" with his trust in the…
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RCS messaging has rolled out to Android users in the US - TechCrunch

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Here’s a nice little surprise for Android users this weekend. It seems that Google’s pans to roll out Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging is slightly ahead of schedule. The company announced in November that it would be making the feature available fo…
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