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When a craving for authentic Thai cuisine hits, don’t accept any substitutes! Imagine Thai Food serves up fresh and flavourful take-out dishes in Campbell

Sean Choy said 3 years ago
I'm not sure why people are posting 4-5 stars, my experience was less than stellar. I came to this place after seeing great reviews on google/yelp. I'm going out of my way to write a review based on an experience I had yesterday. I came here for dinner one night. Service was okay, nothing exceptional. The young hostess seemed a little inexperienced but she was polite more or less. The owner seemed friendly. This is the only reason why I'm not giving this place 1 of 5. Here's the essence of my criticism: there's something wrong with their meats. I've ordered satay chicken skewers to start and pad panang (pork) as the main - both meats were dry. I don't think the chicken was marinated and my guess is that it was cooked after being sliced. It lacked any juiciness - I didn't finish it. The pork was initially unrecognizable. I finished that dish out of hunger. I hope that my experience is an anomaly. I didn't have the heart to complain to the friendly gentleman who seemed to be the owner.
Roxanne Myer said 3 years ago
Very fast friendly service. The food was served hot and delicious. It is a small establishment, but even when they are busy, the food is worth the wait.
Trent Kilberg said 3 years ago
Went for lunch and had the beef soup and spring rolls. They came out of the kitchen in a timely fashion. The broth was much more flavorful than similar soups I have tried elsewhere. I would recommend this place to others and I will back again
Kristina Findlay said 4 years ago
My most favorite Thai place I've ever been. I live in Vancouver and I've tried so many places hoping I might be able to find a place that can match flavor, aroma and value. Not a single place has so far and not sure it will ever happen. Highly recommend it
Finlay Danaher said 3 years ago
Stopped off in Campbell River for the night and was just looking for a bite to eat. I wasn't expecting it to be brilliant, I go a prawn curry to take away and I can't remember the last time I had such a delicious curry! The sauce had actual star anise and cinnamon sticks in that proves it was all cooked from scratch. Hats of to the chef, I will be back!

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