15171 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1M1, Canada

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Annalisa Restaurant

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Lynn Haralampopoulos said 4 years ago
Great food, great atmosphere and very friendly service. Highly recommended for quality of food and price!! The food is fresh and worth the wait. If you want fast food go to McDonalds.
Alex Pavlik said 4 years ago
Great food and very friendly. Be warned though if you want to go in to sit and eat as they are slow, so I would recommend calling and getting take out instead of waiting. Otherwise the food from the sushi to the pho is always great.
Mariia Gureva said 5 years ago
I will never come again to this restaurant. First than I wanted to have pork they said that they don't have pork today. After my parents wanted to have 2 beers. They said that they have only one. Then I wanted to have a cheesecake they said that they don't have. My mood was great, now it is not like that. Never, never, never come to this restaurant!
Kar-Ho Chan said 5 years ago
Service was super slow. We sat down and waited for 20 mins before they even could give us water and menus. Food also took forever. I think we could have just got up and left 1/2 way into the meal and they wouldn't even have noticed. Other tables were in the same situation. Although they say they are all u can eat, you have to first have food to eat.
Crystal Clear said 4 years ago
Love this place, the food is excellent and reasonably priced!

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