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Angela Marie said 3 years ago
Loved my dinner tonight. Food was great. Mmmm lemon chicken!
Karen Sullivan said 4 years ago
Reviewed this restaurant online prior to going, saw great reviews. Saw a soup that I really wanted to try. Went to restaurant, ordered soup. Waitress stated we don't make that. I even acknowledge I saw their review online. She said must have been wrong place. I brought up the review on my cell, and she said, 'well, we don't make that'. So I continued to review her menu, in which she said was a 'NEW' menu, as it was new owners. So I proceeded to notice several items whited out..more than 10 + items. So I decided to order their Asian style beef under the Chef specialty, # 18. She said, we don't make that! I proceed to say, thank you we'll be leaving as I came here because of the reviews, because of the menu. For a restaurant that states the menu is new, the owners are new... they didn't have much on the menu. :( If I wanted rice and toast like the couple beside me, I wouldn't have needed a review.
Andre V said 4 years ago
Had to cancel, they forgot our order. We were polite about it and they gave us major attitude. NEVER AGAIN!!
Joey Roy Philbert said 4 years ago
My favorite restaurant in Timmins Ontario. Food taste really good and fresh. I love the chicken balls with mixed vegetables. I also love the lemon chicken with rice.
Helen Marchildon said 4 years ago
Worst Chinese food I have ever tried! I can't believe that they have strips of chicken lunch meat, in chicken fried rice!!! I have never, ever seen lunch meat, in chicken fried rice, in my lifetime. The rest was disgusting too! Should be closed down!!!!!

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