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Cozy Corner Restaurant

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Cozy Corner Restaurant | Chinese dining, takeout and delivery.

Cozy Corner Restaurant serves Cantonese, Szechuan, and Canadian Chinese cuisine. Licensed dining room, takeout and delivery. Call 705-264-8383. Timmins, ON.

William Calhoun said 3 years ago
LOVE IT!! The best Chinese food in town.
josee dion said 4 years ago
I tasted crap all over northern ontario and some in southern ont. The items i tasted were really really good especially the chicken fried rice.
Cynthia A Taylor said 3 years ago
Best poutine, friendly, prompt service and sparkling clean. We'll be back!
Lauretta Ford said 3 years ago
Excellent FRESH FOOD!!
tina gallo said 6 years ago
Came all the way from Ottawa to visit family, tried finding a decent Chinese restaurant in Timmins to deliver from and this is NOT the place. Firstly, when a customer is ordering and doesn't get what you are saying, do not go on saying "I don't know why you're not getting it" just keep explaining! Secondly, we were allowed to change our combo at first, then when I asked for a second item to be changed, we were then charged for the first change we made, AND charged the difference in cost so we didn' get the second change ending in us not getting what we actually wanted. To add on to it, our $42 4 dinner meal turned into $46, plus $5.98 for the combo change. So now we've overpaid for their food. Now, for the food. Chicken is plain, white and dry. Chicken fried rice had chicken, rice... Two little pieces of celery. Very boring. The spare ribs we paid extra for were slightly undercooked, hardly even dressed, and looked disgusting. I've never tasted spare ribs as gross as these! Our food came fast, but COLD. Just do yourself a favour and don't order from here :)

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