128 Third Ave, Timmins, ON P4N 1C5, Canada

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Golden Dragon Restaurant
Lee Carignan said 6 years ago
Only place in town I order from. Tastes good, good value in portion size. "Dinner for Two A" Serves us four just fine for $20. Wish there were more parking downtown. They have a really cool fishtank.
Jonathan Catangui said 8 years ago
Avoid. Rice is very dry, noodles very soogy and dessert is old and crusty. Overall awefull food and service.
Muurp Brown said 5 years ago
Can't go wrong with the all you can eat buffet.
A Google User said 8 years ago

Dow futures rallied as investors focused on the economy reopening despite civil unrest - CNBC

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Investors continued to focus on the progress of economic reopenings, bidding up shares of airlines, retailers and cruise line operators.
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The season has been suspended. And the issue of police brutality toward African-Americans has long been a visceral one in a predominantly black league.
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In a Rose Garden address and on a conference call with governors on Monday, the president threatened to send troops to states that didn't crack down sufficiently on demonstrations.
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Hours after George Floyd's brother asked protesters to abstain from violence, the Minneapolis site where Floyd died last week was being treated as a sacred memorial.
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Iran's foreign minister says on Instagram that Iranian scientist imprisoned in US is now on his way back to Iran.
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