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Timmins Reviewer said 4 years ago
If I was writing this review 7 years ago it would be completely different, I've had many issues over the years with chez-nous ranging from small to medium issues. First issue was 6 years ago when I placed an order at 11:30PM and it arrived at 3AM right as we were going to bed, I didn't bother calling because I said to myself well if they don't get here by a certain time I'm not going to call anymore plain and simple. After hearing a knock I felt bad for the delivery driver, I'm friends with a few of them knowing they get paid per order so I answered and paid for my order. Another issue was 3 years ago was when my wife got a poutine with no gravy....3rd issue was 1/2 year ago when I got off work at 11:35pm and decided to order a poutine and hamburger inside the store, the guy at the cash said "you know there are plenty of over burger joints in town to order from" I said "excuse me? I know there are many other burger places, hence the reason I'm ordering here instead of wendy's down the street" he quickly dropped the topic and took my order... If this guy was my employee he would be fired that second, discouraging business....
sean daggett said 4 years ago
Keeping in mind the lack of late night food options in Timmins, Chez Nous has decent food, for a decent price.
William Calhoun said 4 years ago
My absolute favorite place to get poutine. I usually get the family size. Great value, taste and service!
Nicole Laforge said 4 years ago
Had a poutine delivered to the hospital for my niece who was about to have a baby. I mean you can't eat flowers!!! Awesome place.....ordered it from Toronto:)
Darcy Peters said 4 years ago
You go here for the Poutine at all hours of the day/night. Classic spot.

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