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At A&W, we’re on a journey to source simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care. Find out how we’re taking steps to make a big difference.

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Gail Miller said 4 years ago
Very disappointed in drive thru experience. Car ahead did not have a big order. Took forever to take my order. Finally placed order. Driving up to take out window, car ahead was STILL there. LONG wait. FINALLY got up to window. Paid for order and received drinks. Witnessed a LOT of chatting amongst employees, and a LOT of confusion. Fellow at the window was constantly apologizing for poor service. Wasn't interested in apologies. Hot food is my preference. After our order was given to us, the young fellow asked for it back. Now food is getting cold!!! Said we might have been given wrong order. Seriously ??? Not impressed. Ends up the order was correct. Now even more time has gone by. Onion rings were cold and teen burger was luke warm when we got home. Yum (sarcasm). Very poor service.
jamie morin said 4 years ago
Nice place for breakfast and love there coffee a little strong but really tasty staff in morning is awsome
Davis Dewsbury said 4 years ago
Who doesn't love a well made teen burger. And this location does them right!
L Parker said 4 years ago
Love the Chipotle chicken wrap but add bacon it's way better
Matthew Wheeler said 5 years ago
Burgerdwere hot and fresh. First time at this location in over two years and it didn't disappoint.

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