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Pierre Richard said 4 years ago
This was the worst food I've ever had in my life. I ordered chicken fried rice, lots of greasy fried rice with a pile of processed chicken cut in long strips, it tasted awful. Oh and the wonton soup tasted like salted dirty dish water. I also ordered the cashew beef with vegetables disgustingly greasy and the beef was like chewing on rubber. I seriously would recommend that you stay away from this place. Oh and I'm totally shocked that some people gave this place a great review, what the #@!%#. The only good thing about this place was the waitress, she was very friendly and kind.
Dawnelaine Lawrence said 4 years ago
The buffet was unfit for human consumption. The food was old, some dishes just warm most cold. The shrimp had an off flavor, the chicken was refried, and back out in buffet, or so overcooked to be hard and mostly inedible. The waitresses were sweeping with a dirty broom. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!
Joey Roy Philbert said 5 years ago
Friendly, fast service and good food. Especially liked the chicken balls and lemon chicken.
Rachel Lebrun said 8 years ago
Excellent yummy :)
A Google User said 9 years ago
Good Food

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