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James Goodacre said 4 years ago
A perfect example of being the only restaurant option in a small airport: -Food is terrible and overpriced -Food and beverages are not brought to you, you have to get it yourself after they yell out your order- yet there's a tip jar on the counter -Often times they wont make the food they offer because they dont have the ingredients...try ordering the club house sandwich in the afternoon and tell me how you make out -I've watched the dust accumulate over the last couple years in several easily accessable places which are near the dining area and over your plate of food. It appears in the last couple weeks they rearranged the place and cleaned finally...so I'll give them that. Any other restaurant could come into this airport and do better than this place by just having better customer service that matches the inflated prices. I come through this airport every two weeks for work and have no choice but to eat at this place during layovers, unless i spend $20 each way for a cab into town which is also rediculous and worthy of a review for another time. Attention Victor M. Power Airport management...get a Tim Horton's in here immediately!
Stewart Thomson said 5 years ago
The good news is that their food is atrocious... Reminiscent of what a hungry man TV dinner might make for itself as a last meal before it commits suicide. The bad new is that their service is worse. I just finished being yelled at by a large angry woman who decided to start getting loud at me because I attempted to hold on to the interac machine (and my card) until the transaction was approved. Apparently, the thought of me accidentally grabbing the wrong receipt was just cause. This is EASILY the WORST "dining" experience of my life.

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