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Rod Macdonald said 4 years ago
For dining in Sydney this was very impressive. Top points for quality. A bit pricey but well worth it. We had the special of the day - Chicken with a sauce from green apples and potatoes nicely roasted. Appetizer was the tomato/apple/corn soup. Both were excellent. The variety on the menu was impressive with a surprising number of of vegan options. My only complaint, and it's a small one - no local craft-beer.
Doug Ivey said 4 years ago
Quality, hand made food. Nothing pre packaged. Friendly service and really good prices. This place is always busy for a reason. One of the best on the island.
Ghost Fellas said 4 years ago
Amazing food! I'm from Montréal and we don't have anything that can come close to this place!
ViXXiE11 said 4 years ago
Totally addicted! Best service, best prices, and by far best food!!
Stephanie Cheng said 4 years ago
Wonderful hidden gem that was very unexpected in a small town with great prices!Highlight of the meal was the delectable calamari that is apparently a new menu item. The lightly coated in-house-made batter is fried to a beautiful golden colour and seasoned well with tender calamari. This dish is paired with a creamy tzatziki dip that is a must try! Maple spinach salad had a great dressing and was a very refreshing appetizer. The Santorini fettuccini dish had a delightful white sauce that was not too heavy and had a good array of seafood cooked just right. The Halloumi saganaki dish (flambé cheese) was an exciting presentation, although it did set off the smoke detector. Overall, an excellent Mediterranean style restaurant I highly recommend.

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