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A & K Lick-A-Chick has the best tasting fried chicken the Island! Visit us in Little Bras d’Or for tasty, affordable walk-in or take-out country cooki

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I am North Sydney said 4 years ago
Prices are ridiculous. Your banking off the tourists which isn't right. But alot of us locals can't afford it. And the items are hit or miss. It's either good or a disaster. One day it's nice crispy fries and good chicken next day it's soggy fries and chicken so burnt it's inedible. And why did you change the gravy ? I think it was more famous for the gravy you use to have then them lumpy chunky stuff you have now. Anyways. Try to drop the prices. Tourists are great and welcome here, but don't forget your local customers who have supported you for years and can no longer afford to eat there.
steve woods said 4 years ago
Not bad. Chicken is tasty, fries your average frozen variety, the wait staff are absolutely fabulous. I miss their gravy of the past, it was SO tasty. But the meals are good with just ketchup.
Cory Blundon said 4 years ago
My favorite place for fried chicken. Also good if you're interested in a homemade ice cream drumstick the size of a maraca.
Kara Lackie said 4 years ago
The whistle dog and onion rings is my favourite. Ice cream bars the size of your forearm. Cozy and filling comfort food. Yum!
Louis Jezsik said 4 years ago
This place has remained unchanged for decades. It's worth a trip inside just for nostalgia.

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