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Jade Garden Restaurant | Chinese Food | Asian Cuisine | Daily Buffet | Moose Jaw

Since 2012, the experienced chefs at Jade Garden Restaurant have been cooking up original Chinese food recipes, made fresh daily. We are family owned and have a

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Tiggerz 101 said 4 years ago
I've eaten here once it wasn't good at all but I'm doing a review for my boyfriend. He has been going to Jade Gardens since the day it was opened and the food use to be very good but through out the years the food has been getting worse, not to long ago he was there for the buffet he seen them bring out sushi so he went straight for the sushi and grabbed 3 pieces and the owner came up to him and said, "Woah woah woah save some for other customer" that's when he looked at her and said excuse me i thought i paid for a buffet and walked away.
Ronald Gardypie said 4 years ago
They had no food out and would bring a scoop at a time so my family had to wait as well as others so we just left.not a good experience. Just being honest.
Cathy Estrella said 4 years ago
$16 price is very expensive considering that they only have few food choices on their buffet.
Jason Thorne said 4 years ago
Well, it's probably the best Chinese food in Moose Jaw. Not saying much, but unless you want to travel an hour this is as good as it gets.
Murray Selinger said 4 years ago
This is a good place to eat cause their is a lot to choose from on the buffet

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