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Fenton House said 4 years ago
do not know if negative reviewers had come on a bad night (or gotten a bum staff member) but we had a great time. prime rib was awesome, server was very attentive and friendly, and the atmosphere has really maintained a comfortable, home-like feeling. a unique and cool place i hope to visit again!
Oktay Asili said 4 years ago
Great food and cozy place to enjoy a night. Great Alfredo chicken.
Jess Hallsworth said 4 years ago
Hopkins always delivers. The staff are great, and the food is always fresh and well prepared.
sheldon wiebe said 4 years ago
Well as I sit at the table my food was sub par,the Service was below most standard's. Also they lied about the gravy club house is club house kinda sad
Todd Thauberger said 4 years ago
The worst steak I have ever had. Way over priced for a little piece of over done meat. Service was slow for no one in the restaurant. This is the first time I have never left a tip in my life.

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