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Moose Jaw Restaurants, Temple Gardens features something delectable for all tast

Harwood’s Restaurant & Lounge is one of the finest restaurants in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada featuring exquisite evening dining room menu choices

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Eric Genest said 4 years ago
Been there many times. the food is great so is the service. It is not a typical menu but there is something for everyone. Prices are comparable to any other hotel and restaurant prices. May I recommend the Crispy Pork Ribs .....they are to die for don't forget eggs Benedict for breakfast..
jimmy kletch said 4 years ago
great sunday brunch with a lot of options.
Wayne Field said 5 years ago
I had the worst meal I have ever ordered..they had to replace my steak as if was so though I couldn't even cut it with a steak knife...they have fancy names for everything so not sure what you are ordering and the prices are away too high...The staff are wonderful and very accommodating...so not all was lost except I will never go back there..
James Noon said 5 years ago
Superb steak and excellent service at a fair price!
Dan Wardlaw said 12 years ago
Just thought I would put in my 2 cents worth. , Harwoods we ordered and waited for our meal The staff was very friendly and helpful, although the lighting was very poor (someone with poor sight could not see in there), the food... Was very bland, there was absolutly no taste to it what so ever, it was like someone forgot to season the food. the wifes meal was the almost the same way except it was over-seasoned. This was the most disapointing meal we have ever had in our life. I hope they get a new chef there or something because I've heard it was a very upscale restaurant. My recomendation... Do not go there until they have figured out how to cook & season the food.

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