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Moose Jaw, SK - DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant of Moose Jaw, SK. We are located at 1711 Main St .

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Laurie Ewen said 4 years ago
Nice staff. Clean restaurant. Unfortunately you cannot see the order board until you are at the till, so often you stand behind someone at the till looking at the board yet to decide their order while you wait in anticipation of your already decided upon blizzard.... then you are crammed together waiting for your order with others.
Kyler Holowaty said 5 years ago
Visiting from Saskatoon, I tell my cousin I have a craving for a flamethrower. He warns me that the nearby DQ has not given them pleasant service, and has gotten their order wrong almost every single time they have visited. I ignore this, thinking "how hard could it be to get a flamethrower." No meal, just the burger. I head up to the receiver, ask for a half pound flamethrower. I get asked if I would like anything else and ask for onion rings. She says she can't hear me. Okay, fair. I say it again. She then very swiftly quotes me on a flamethrower, no onion rings, and asks me to proceed to the window. I'm stating to believe my cousin at this point, and ignore it. I just want my burger. Drive up, pay, nothing special. Upon getting home, I find the burger is a regular grill burger. Very disappointed in the service here, and I know plenty others are as well. '
Claude Langlois said 4 years ago
the food was good poutine was great the problem with this place is every time we go there they screw up our order every time when we spoke to management they blamed us i meen i know what I wanted not sure how this is our fault but wont be back
Les Rohrig said 4 years ago
Food safe rule #1 WASH hands after handling money before preparing food, staff seem that they have a poor understanding of the English language
Marta Koszmide said 5 years ago
Beautiful entrance with ice cream cone lights. Nice big space for everyone to enjoy

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