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Cornerstone Inn Pub & Eatery Ltd

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G Gieni said 4 years ago
Great food and cold beer....What more can you ask for!!
Jason Landrie said 4 years ago
Great food good times good service
Devin Patterson said 5 years ago
Tried to place a supper order at 7:35 Pm and was told it was 10 minutes past last call and they wouldn't do anything in the kitchen. The hours of operation said they were open for another 90 minutes. Food is great, customer service sucks
Anton Himler said 5 years ago
Great food and price. Cute nice funny and mostly genuine waitresses. As to the idiot that says to smell your eat before eating it and after finding it disgusting smelling and still ate a 1/4 of it you're either an idiot or lying but most likely both.
Farkhodjon Tishabayev said 5 years ago
SMELL YOUR FOOD BEFORE EAT ! Ordered stake and start noticiting rotten smell as i was cutting , meat was spoiled! thank god eat only about 1/4 of it and didnt get sick , but make sure you smell your food before eat! ,

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