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The sandwich is always prepared exactly how you like it - with cheese or bacon, with extra onions or without tomatoes. Your way to order the WHOPPER® sandwich is always the best way.

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Tiggerz 101 said 4 years ago
Good food but I did have a problem one time, and it has nothing to do with the food its about an employee/manager I'm not entirely sure what she was but there was a new guy taking our order it must of been his first day and he messed up on something to do with the order it really wasn't a big deal but she made it into one. Instead of pulling him into the back and talking to him about his mistake she verbally abused him in front of us and everyone else in line which made all of us very uncomfortable and feel very sorry for the new employee. She has to understand that starting a new job is not only stressful but it consists of trail and error to perfect a job. What she did was completely unacceptable.
william hallett said 4 years ago
Best food ever and was the best to prank call they were so chill about best service
Koni Rode said 4 years ago
Waited over 30 minutes for my food. And when I got it it was cold. Called and wanted me to go back for fresh food. Like I would fall for that twice
dalton ramler said 4 years ago
Terrible waited 15 mins in the drive through just for them to screw up my order better just to go to McDonald across the street or a and w
Taya Wray said 4 years ago
Coffee sucks but could be worse.. it's cheap

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