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Rodo's Pizza & Family Restaurant

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Tiggerz 101 said 4 years ago
I ordered the super xl all dressed pizza from Rodos, it arrived cold and when I got it the dough was soggy like somebody poured water all over the crust there was a ton of grease sitting on top of the pizza when we put slices of pizza on our plates you could see the grease draining from the pizza. It was disgusting! They said it was $53 and whatever cents on the phone and said that delivery was included but when the pizza actually arrived the total amount was around $65! ... so than I thought after a couple of months i would give them another chance so i ordered a large crazy bread and a large dill sauce (which is unbelievable how expensive it is) they should actually give a free serving of any sauce you want just like any other pizza place... but once again you should of seen the grease pouring out of the crazy bread and it was soggy just like the pizza. I've only lived in Moose Jaw for a couple of years and people always told me "Try Rodos, try rodos its the best pizza." So i did, and like i said not only did i give them one chance I gave them two and they will never get another penny out of me ever again I wish Mcdonalds still sold pizza because even though their pizza tastes like rubber it still was a lot better than Rodos pizza. If you like thick pizza I do recommend driving to Saskatoon and getting Verns Pizza (it is 100% better!) which the gas and and the cost of the pizza would be about the same price for a Rodos pizza. If i could give them a 0 star rating I would.
Rex Dayton said 4 years ago
Best pizza ever, no silly portioning, they throw it on there! Been enjoying their pizza all my life.
Scott Armstrong said 4 years ago
Great pizza. Tons of toppings on your pizza. All ways have to stop in when we are in the area.
Justin Capp said 5 years ago
My wife found black hair in the platter food! The waitress was good and said she'd call the owner and explain, the reply was they would skip the taxes and that we'd have to pay the remaining full price . I was personally insulted and was immediately MAD ! We left the remaining food behind and paid for half the meal only due to the fact of matter. I left my cell number with instructions to the waitress that if the owner wanted to call and discuss the matter. Well call he did and after a words exchanged , where he was adamant that I return and pay for the entire meal, that was where I basically told him to go pound salt. In closing we found this a poor manner in which to handle the incident, and will never return to Rodo's Pizza or the Mad Greek which is owned by the same person ever again !! From me to the owner who I won't name > good job at turning long time customers away over $20 and poor kitchen hygiene !
Kali Harder said 4 years ago
Yummy pizza had so many toppings it must have been 2 inches thick! Sooo good!

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