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Monday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Sunset Grill

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Johnny Brokenheart said 4 years ago
The only positives were the waitress, the large portions, and lots of empty tables. BUT we still waited an too long for our meals. The food was cool, but not cold. There was no air conditioning, lots of flies and a dirty washroom. The kitchen staff were wearing very dirty shirts. Never again for me.
Leanne Li said 4 years ago
This place is dirty and filled with flies! Horrible server that insist to put us to a table near washroom while there are few other ones available. Egg Benedict is without biscuit. Don't come here!
Sarah Grant said 4 years ago
If it wasn't for the insane waits for food and the poor attitude of the manager, this place would be rated much higher. This is the only restaurant that serves breakfast in the village (bar the O and B at the Westin) so it was pretty packed and the wait was 45 mins plus. With few other options, we decided to wait. Finally, after about an hour we were seated - right next to the bussing station. It was noisy, dirty, we kept getting sprayed with water, there were bugs flying around, and on top of that the bar glass washers kept being stored right next to our seats. I guess in hindsight, this and the fact the staff keep their drinks there - one of them was a McDonalds coffee - should have been a warning sign for us to leave. Surely, if the coffee is not good enough for the staff, why should it be for the patrons? While I give our server top marks for friendliness, the wait for food was around 45 mins. I alerted the manager on duty to the long wait, and the fact we had a 4 year old who was very hungry. He was so rude, unfriendly, and basically told me it was tough, they were busy etc... While they were busy, I dont expect 45 plus minute waits for simple breakfast foods like omelettes and pancakes. Had we been told this at the off-set we would have left or asked for our 4 year old's food to be brought out asap. I suspect this place is called Sunset Grill because the waits mean you get your breakfast at Sunset!
Thomas Veith said 5 years ago
Had an excellent breakfast. Big thanks to Bruce and Dean for excellent service, entertaining us, and sharing some of their great props (mugs, salt/pepper shakers, shoes!). Great staff, great food, and great prices. Cheers from Leaside!
Steve Jamison said 4 years ago
SO SLOW. I get they were slammed, but more than 45 minutes to get food is bad. Seems to me kitchen is sized for inside seating space, not inside + patio. Friendly service and decent food added stars.

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