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Pan Mai Restaurant - Take out and Delivery, Dine in,chinese food, take out, chin

Free Wi-Fi from 11amto 4pm, daily. Have lunch and catch up with friends at the same time. Pan Mai has been known for the past 18 yearsas agreat family, full-s

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Robin Wells said 4 years ago
Good food. Hot and sour soup amazing. Chicken balls good, not special but as good as any other.. maybe a bit above average. Would come back, and would recommend.
Ben Pakuts said 5 years ago
Fresh, made to order "old school" Chinese. The chicken balls were amazing as was the hot and sour soup. Very reasonably priced wine. The beefed and broccoli needed a bit of soy sauce, but came with a lot of broccoli (so good). This place hit the spot!
Michael Mayea said 5 years ago
Probably the worst food I've ever ordered before from anywhere. The fried rice was terrible, the rice was hard to eat, it had no flavour, there was no vegetables and barely any chicken. I think they freeze portions of this junk and then just microwave it and give it to you. The Kung Po Chicken was terrible! Not crispy at all, soggy breading, had no colour to it, everything was grey, no flavour, no spiciness, no peanuts. Chicken was dry and tasted frozen and old. I think this is just more BS they put in a bag and freeze and microwave and give you. Lo Mein was hilariously bad. It was just plain dry colourless noodles, no flavour, no vegetables, it came out of the container in clumps, was likely frozen and premade. Restaurants like this, this is the kind of stuff you'd see on Hell's Kitchen. Avoid this place!
cathryne anne said 5 years ago
The BBQ sauce is gravy, the meat is way over cooked and they screwed up our order giving us two chop suey instead of chow mein and they both tasted like cabbage water and consisted on 90% bean sprouts. Would not recommend to anyone!
sri danesh said 6 years ago
Pork tiki tiki- horrible, the meat was rough, felt like it was cooked 2 days ago and reheated in the microwave. Fried wings- no seasoning or salt. Who screws up fried wings. Chicken fried rice was edible. All for $34. What a disappointment.

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