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Travis Merkley said 4 years ago
Great Food! Great Price! Great Pizza! Wish they had delivery!
Krista Stadelbauer said 4 years ago
Placed an order over the phone. Went to the store to pick it up. Tells me I never called to place an order then tells me if I want they can make it and i can wait another 15-20 minutes .. store needs to get its priorities straight. Couldn't even offer me a discount for having to wait again.. just told me I was wrong and didn't call them .. poor customer service
Emily Fitzsimmons said 5 years ago
Called in and ordered a large stuffed crust pizza with 3 toppings WELL DONE. We pick up the pizza and go home to find out it is very underdone. The second pizza that we got was asked to be cooked normally and to our surprise, said pizza was cooked MORE than the one we asked to be well done. I called into the branch and said, "Hi, I ordered (pizza) and it was very undercooked." Before I could even say anything else the girl on the other end says (very rudely) "I PUT IT BACK IN TWICE MYSELF SO I KNOW IT'S WELL DONE." Dumbfounded, I then explained that I understand she may have put it in twice but our other pizza was cooked more than the special request one, and that we were not happy. She begins repeating herself, saying, "Well... I put it in TWICE, I KNOW it was well done. It was well done. I know it was," so I just hung up and called back. This time I got a young man who gave the same attitude, telling me "I saw her put it in TWICE, it IS well done." He continued beating around the bush, explaining that we were absolutely wrong, and that it was well done. I asked him then why my pizza was cooked more than the special order (well done) one done was. He goes, loudly, "YOURS WAS A CHEESE PIZZA THAT'S WHY IT WAS MORE COOKED" (But apparently the other one was put in 2 extra times, and mine went through one regular time? What?) I asked for a refund and he rudely said that only if I have the full pizza and bring it back could I get a refund. (Full pizza understandable - it was the tone) I didn't hear one single "sorry" or "I apologize" or "sorry for the inconvenience". All I got for explaining I had an order that I paid for done incorrectly was rude attitudes and ignorance. Will not be ordering from Little Caesar's again.
Brant Beckta said 4 years ago
Special medium $5.55 pepperoni pizza always ready for pickup.
Jason Fawcett said 4 years ago
Walk in v details are usually fresh

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