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Pizza Express

Pizza, Subs, Pasta, Salad, Poutine and more. Family owned and operated since 1982.

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Jamie said 4 years ago
The portion sizes are great, the service is ALWAYS friendly and the food is to die for. Everything I've had here is delicious!! What I like about it to is that you can actually have a conversation without it being incredibly noisy like most restaurants.
Bryce Chartrand said 4 years ago
Great value, even better pasta and pizza. Loaded with toppings, Great Crust, YUM!
yovillianify said 4 years ago
The gravy on the poutines is not real gravy. The server lied when asked if it's real gravy, it's packaged and too salty. Not enough cheese, grated cheese not curds. I will find some place else for my poutine fix. Thanks
just some thoughts said 4 years ago
Outstanding food, very small place inside, you may have to wait on occasion if you want to get a seat. but well worth it. You can pickup or have delivery, I'm not sure if they have reservations but for sure I would call ahead and give it a shot. I'm brouling just thinking of the food there. Small, cosy, serves alcohol, good service. Oooooh yes you can bet your boots I recommend this place...highly. more dishes than just top of the line pizza.
Amy Smith said 4 years ago
Probably the greatest restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Definitely worth the wait!

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