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Tory Allen said 5 years ago
It's KFC straight out of the 90s. This location has not been renovated in the 24 years I have been alive and living in Brandon. Much better chicken options from other locations that actually put the money into keeping a store clean and recent.
SilverZapper said 5 years ago
I ate here while I still ate meat and it was good. Probably the thing I miss the most.
Trolling Baby said 5 years ago
I find the woman who work there always rolling there eyes at customers an the portions of a dine in meal are horrible
George R said 6 years ago
asked for the family treat bucket price $24 I requested all large white meat pieces., and was tolled I had to pay an extra $10.When I got home opened bucket I had 3 large pieces and the rest were wings, I live an hour and a half from Brandon so we needed to eat it for supper. Feeling really ripped off as I was supposed to receive 10 pieces from this special and only had 8 pieces 5 were wings. I hope to receive a response to this as I enjoy KFC most of the time and would miss not having it.
Kenneth Neufeld said 6 years ago
The hours on here are not correct, they close at 9.

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