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Randy Peterson said 4 years ago
Me and family usually pass through town couple times a month and chicken chef in Souris is our favourite place to eat. The food is great and they always have fresh and crispy chicken. My kids love their chicken and fries and gravy. When we eat there, the atmosphere feels like home and the waitresses are really sweet and provide the costumers with great costumer service. I would recommend this place to everyone who passes through town. Make sure you stop and try the great food they provide.
Ronald Pangman said 4 years ago
Food was good and came quickly. We asked for water with our meal and were given a small bottle each; for which we were charged $2.50 each. The waiter might have mentioned to us that water was not free in their restaurant. Unheard of. Also, we were charged $1.00 each for a spoonful of gravy on our mashed potatoes. Strange. We won't be going back.
Jeff Louis said 4 years ago
I'd zero star if I could. The pizza was gross. The chicken was undercooked. UNDERCOOKED! I got food on the way to Brandon otherwise I would have taken it back. I've eaten at other Chicken Chefs and usually love the food. Avoid this location at all cost.
Emma Winston said 4 years ago
Food was excellent, came quickly. Chicken was fresh and crispy but something that I noticed was that some people didn't treat the server/owner good because he was an immigrant and people didn't seem to be very happy with that. What matters is that they served us good food and they provided us good service. We should support them no matter what their skin colour or their nationality is.
Anna Nodine said 4 years ago
From the very first time me and my roommate went to this place we decided to boycott it. We went in on our night moving into Souris to get some chicken to feed all our movers. We ordered A bucket of chicken. That's it. Later they come to ask us if we wanted coleslaw or whatever other option and we looked at her confused and said we had only ordered a bucket of chicken. Then the man came back who took our order (he looked like a manager or owner) and proceeded to argue with us that we had ordered a whole meal including fries and when we told him we didn't want the other stuff just the chicken he complained about having to throw out the fries. To top it all off while we were sitting waiting for the bucket of chicken another man walked in and ordered the chicken meal and the man behind the counter went on to attempt to publicly shame us by saying to the man "are you sure you want the fries and stuff? Because these girls said they wanted the fries but now they don't. " shameful and super unprofessional. I've also been told by other people around here that they like to double charge people and hope they get away with it.. and the chicken isn't even worth all the abuse and Hassel. Never eat here!

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