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Humpty’s Time is Family Time. 5-9pm.

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just some thoughts said 4 years ago
Handy to stop in for a break from shopping. Good food. Close to everything you need, gas, drugstore, keystone ctr, Canadian tire, liquor store, ect. Didn't like the toilet, one of those small round seats, could use a newer model, but not a big deal, it's a me thing.
Ashley Friesen said 4 years ago
The service was not that good and the meat was raw. They didn't want to do anything about the meat being raw. Was not happy at all and will not eat there again!!
Chris Hladky said 4 years ago
Overpriced food, but quality was good
Shane Pottinger said 5 years ago
Since recent change of owner this place is having a struggle. Many changes cost many regulars. By the book Humpty's fare. Since writing this @ 2 stars, I went back in hopes that perhaps the new owner had found his groove, working out the kinks. Instead the owner himself attended our table (at which I was meeting with some business associates), and asked me directly to leave. Why? For writing the first 3 lines of this review. Will NEVER go back. You'd think an owner might be grateful for a second chance.
SilverZapper said 5 years ago
If you want an easy breakfast go here. I wouldn't say it's anything special. Service isn't the best I've ever seen. Food is decent.

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