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Chris Herman said 4 years ago
Great food, great price, great people
kerry mckay said 4 years ago
Srsly the best place in town. The pick up small pizza is such a great deal. Pluse if ur on the mailing list you get a new menu every month showing the free item. In the summer they have a red card contest. Very good place we order almost every friday
Tanya Laterveer said 5 years ago
The best pizza my family and I have ever had!! After ordering online, my husband asked me to call the store to find out how good their pizza is :) the gentle man on the line was very friendly and didn't even laugh when I asked him... He proceeded to tell me that everything is made from scratch and that they use fresh produce. I also asked if the pizza was going to be hot... He assured me it would be. Less than 45 min later, our pizza arrived at our hotel and he was right, it was piping HOT and DELICIOUS!!! I love the choices in the crusts... We got the sesemi seed and multi-grain. We have never had such awesome crust! Thank you for a wonderful dinner. We will sure be back and we'll tell everyone about it! Cheers :)
Neil Longbottom said 8 years ago
The pizza is awesome at Little Italy and is always made with fresh ingredients my favorite all time pizza from Little Italy would have to be the Western. Its freaking tasty!!! They also have a really great selection of oven baked subs and its hard to choose a favorite when they're all so delicious! If you haven't ordered from them before or are thinking about it just pickup the phone and do it already!!!!
Anders Boulanger said 11 years ago
They have been voted best pizza in Brandon for many years for a reason. Not only is the pizza world class, but their subs are amazing. My favourite is the "New York Deli Sub". You have to try it to know what I'm talking about.

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