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Shannon B said 4 years ago
I am originally from Winnipeg and have tried nearly all of the amazing Ethiopian options available there. Tana is by far the best in all regards. Their buffet is fresh, has amazing selection of perfectly seasoned dishes, and the staff are very friendly and sincere. The price is out of this world; two dinner buffets cost me $33 after tip and tax!
C Moroz said 4 years ago
Great dinner in two forms; buffet or menu. Enjoyed all the flavours in quick buffet style. Excellent injera (bread) with authentic flavours of this North African country. Staff are friendly and relaxed and will guide you through the flavours. Ethiopian Coffee is a must...
Scott Amano said 4 years ago
Tasty buffet food. Staff is super friendly. Repeat customer.
Iain Edye said 4 years ago
My favourite restaurant in Brandon. If you like Ethiopian food, you will love it.
OriginalName said 4 years ago
Food was well made but not my thing. Someone who has appreciation for Ethiopian cuisine might find more to like than I did.

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