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Teresa Randall said 2 years ago
Just went to Owen today to do my taxes..... An excellent experience! Usually I feel slightly nervous come tax time, like visiting the dentist, but he was so professional and friendly that I was put at ease. He was very respectful and carefully listened to my questions. I have extra income so I was expecting some "stress". It was quick and easy...... I even got a refund!
Carissa Malespin said 2 years ago
Very mean and unprofessional. We moved to Canada 2 years ago and have no idea how the whole tax-filing works here. On our meeting he said that we were being difficult and he doesn't have time for this just because we asked questions and tried to understand how it works. He told us to send him an email with all the numbers of income and business expenses. We started working on the numbers and receipts of the last 2 years and it took quite a while so my husband called and asked if it is okay to file the taxes after April. Owen said he doesn't have time for "non-paying" customers like us and we already wasted half an hour of his time then he hung up the phone. We obviously were about to pay him and have him do our taxes...We have never been treated this badly. I recommend anyone to stay far away from this ill-mannered, impatient, uprofessional, angry man. Well done Owen you just lost honest customers that would have paid you and probably would have stayed with you for years. Your loss.
Donnette Findley said 2 years ago
I've been going to Owen for years now and I'm so happy to have accidentally walked into his office. He's helped me a lot with sorting out my small business taxes. He's very professional and I would recommend him.
Axel Van Goud said 2 years ago
I have used AAA Accounting for the last 5 years. Prior to filing with them, I would routinely go to H&R Block and get almost nil as part of my tax return, though I sensed there was so much I was eligible to file for. Having been referred by chance to the owner Owen, I have had a tremendous experience from the beginning: he was knowledgeable in all aspects of the Canadian taxation system, he explained my responsibilities to me, and his competitive fee including representation in case of an audit. (caveat emptor: most accountants will charge additional fees if the claimant is ever subject to an audit.) Located in the middle of the village, the owner is very LGBT-friendly and offers free WiFi, bottled water to all visitors. I have referred a number of friends to AAA Accounting and they all reported satisfaction as well.
sumit sharma said 2 years ago
Horrible attitude. I was filing tax for 1st time and when I asked how can i save taxes, he said that he didn't have time to waste on this and simply handed me a form to fill & asked $50. He was very rude and didn't explain me anything. What are you taking money for, just filling a online form based on what i fill in the paper form. Horrible experience. Just saw the the money minded owner's response. FYI..i filed my tax at a diff place (even though costlier), atleast that guy had the decency to sit with me and explain the new system to me.