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Accounting & Tax services for small business & independent contractors

A Network of Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada. 1-800-465-7532. We can help with Incorporating your business, annual bookkeeping and tax filings.

Albert Monk said 2 years ago
Clearly an unprofessional firm; I had a meeting 3 weeks ago for an "initial consultation", it turned out that I was meeting with a second level receptionist by the name of Rachel Stedman who was not an accountant. I guess that the assumption is that their accountants' time is valuable and the customers' is not. She promised to follow up and never did. Moreover, during the meeting, she kept coughing in my face. And, about the fourth time I had to say something about it. On a more important procedural note, it seems that as a customer you will be dealing mostly with non-accountants staff members until the last moment where you meet the accountant and he inputs your information into a software. I really did not see the value proposition of this firm. I think that the main thing that is attracting IT professional is their catchy name. In summary, unprofessional, un-hygienic, poor value.
The Saint ST1 said 2 years ago
Very expensive for a very limited service. Staff incredibly rude and incompetent.lose you money instead of saving you money.
Dan Eng said 6 years ago
My wife and I had the fortunate experience of working with George Wall, a principal of Wall and Associates. George treated us to breakfast in the early morning hours on a number of occasions to advise us on my wife's business. As a result, my wife saw the value of moving away from a offset printing world to more of a digital printing focus. Part of George's mantra is to help others in the hopes that others will one day return his generosity, He uses the Pyramid of Power approach as a framework for self-reflection and goal-setting. If any of you are clients or thinking of becoming a client, I strongly recommend that you request a Pyramid of Power session with George.
Holt Mansfield said 5 years ago
These guys are worth every penny. You never know how much tax you are really supposed to pay until you meet real Pro's and watch them do their thing. I signed up with these guys to create my first ever corporation and they've held my hand through every step of the process of creating my first corp and filing my first return. I was utterly shocked with how much tax I was able to save once I knew what I could and could not claim as an expense. The knowledge that they have is what we pay for but the knowledge that they impart to us as customers is the greatest benefit. I haven't been audited yet but I feel extremely well prepared for that day when it comes and I know I've got a team of serious intellects backing my business.
Bhavroop Chauhan said 6 years ago
I have been with CA4IT for over 6 years now, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for accounting services. I was referred to them by a colleague since I needed tax advise with a focus on IT, and I was very impressed with Andrew's ethical approach to his job. They have a wonderful team, combining extensive accounting knowledge with extraordinary customer service. I've never had to wait more than a few hours to have my questions answered or my concerns addressed. The staff is always friendly, courteous and professional, and year-end reviews are always a breeze.

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