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NovaCare Rehabilitation in collaboration with Wellspan
Betsy Linn said 1 year ago
I have been using Nova Care for the past 3 years. I have arthritis which has resulted in a hip replacement and most recently back surgery. Each time the staff has gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable in my rehab. They help with my exercises and hands on relief to help me get to where I want to be. The entire staff is friendly & helpful from scheduling appointments to the clinic staff. I have used several PT offices in the past, and they are absolutely the best!
Sue Nafziger said 1 year ago
I had to go through PT for a long 3 months - much longer than I had anticipated. But the team at this NovaCare facility made it bearable to come to. It took a while to push through to progress, but w/some trained therapists, kind staff who call you by name, the right equipment & some help from my orthopedist, I overcame my handicap of severe tennis elbow. My fear of possible surgery was avoided & my exercises are easily manageable to continue the strengthening & healing process at home. I would recommend anyone who's struggling w/an injury or handicap to try this facility! They will welcome you w/a smile & a caring heart truly concerned for your well-being & focused on the goal. I thank God for them all!!
Lisa Loughry said 1 year ago
I had a wonderful experience at NovaCare Rehabilitation after a knee injury/surgery. The atmosphere was clean, organized and well-maintained. All of the staff members were friendly, professional, and knowledgable, creating a welcoming environment where patients feel valued. The therapists followed the doctor's recommendations as well as listened to my personal fitness/rehabilitation goals which made for a positive and successful recovery experience.
Kathy Noll said 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this place for any physical therapy needs. I saw Thomas Crassas about a problem that my physicians were unable to diagnosis and prescribe treatment for. Dr. Crassas was able to identify and provide successful treatment for this painful and mobility-limiting problem. The staff is friendly and wonderful to work with, clearly a highly functioning team that provides excellent care. I was able to improve my knee function from a chronic degenerative condition and have an accelerated recovery from fractured ribs. My life has been greatly improved and I have lessened pain and maximized function from my physical therapy courses done here.
Kerri Weaver said 1 year ago
The staff is top notch at this facility. After chronic neck pain for 10 + years, Thomas identified an issue with my shoulder that was ultimately causing the pain! I am so thankful for his patience and determination to find the root cause!