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Wills & Estate Lawyers Toronto - Cross-border Estate Litigation

Our Toronto Estate lawyers are adept in wills, estate planning, cross-border estate litigation, bankruptcy, & asset protection in Greater Toronto area.

Tracey K said 2 years ago
I have no hesitation in recommending Rogerson Law Group for your legal needs! I have been working with them for three and half years on a case that went to trial last month. Robert Rastorp has been awesome to work with as he has always been on top of things, constantly handling all matters ahead of schedule, effectively and efficiently, without any need for me to followup on matters or push for action. My trial was last month; I am awaiting the judgment at this time, but I feel quite positive because Senior Counsel Andrew Rogerson was tremendous at trial, and both he and Robert Rastorp were well prepared, professional, and ensured that all of the important points and relevant case law were covered.
Austin J. de Bourg said 2 years ago
I rate Rogerson Law Firm with the highest quality legal services available. They are thorough, assumes nothing and deals with solid supported facts which gives clients a great sense that they are well represented. Well deserving of 5-star.
jessie petrie said 3 years ago
Received excellent advice and prompt professional service. Would definitely recommend Rogerson Law Group to anyone looking for estate planning help.