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Chalet Inn Motel
Stac Huen said 3 years ago
The inside of the room was hilarious. Holes in the blankets, rusty heater looked like something out of a horror movie. Stains on the floor. Did not try the fridge or microwave. A.c. worked and bed was not uncomfortable plus the shower had decent pressure so it gets two stars instead of one. Also you get two decent sized beds in the room. If you are broke af and not easily disgusted and need to sleep multiple people this place will do in a pinch.
Monica Giroux said 3 years ago
Very clean and comfortable. Friendly staff and quiet. Would definitely stay there again.
Ryan Daigle said 3 years ago
after arrival he sent us to a room down by the "river" which was right behind the mill. we went into the room. it was brick walls old carpet. it reeked as if it hadn't been washed in years. the sheets and pillows were all stained. just all around disgusting. walked in and walked out and got our money back. would definitely recommend staying clear of this place. -1/5
Sean Kovacs said 3 years ago
Although it doesn't look like it, this place is really good.
Zeb Hemsworth said 5 years ago
Better price then some. Friendly service. Sheets and pillow cases clean, but pillows under cases nasty yellow stains.

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