20570 Hwy 11, Bradford, ON L3Z 2B4, Canada



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Comfort Motel The
Frank St. Pierre said 3 years ago
Checked in then checked out got refunded. Filthy dirty would never sleep there suspect bedbugs. Scumy ppl live there permanently was worried getting ripped off overnight or while out for a bite. The door was very flemsy. AVOID THIS PLACE!!
Amar Parmar said 3 years ago
excellent service always slay when visit this area
NproductionFilms said 6 years ago
Worst motel I've ever seen! I'm normally not picky about motels. As long as they are clean, I don't care if the decor is out of date. However, I can't deal with filth.We checked in and checked out 15 minutes later. The room was suppose to be smoke free.......Wrong! We couldn't even breath in the room from the smoke. The furniture was full of stains from every type of beverage and who knows what else. Even the lamp shades were stained. The bed looked like it had been made by a 10 year old......As if they didn't even change the sheets and just quickly threw they bedding back together. The microwave still had paper towels in it from the last occupant, so I know that was never cleaned. Half the lights in the room didn't work, and the others were super dim, probably so you couldn't see the true extent of the filth. Looked like a place you pay by the hour for. Completely disgusting!
shalane woods said 3 years ago
Picked up u haul rental

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