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Open Hours

Monday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Driving Directions

11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cabin Park - Drumheller, Rosedale Alberta

About the business

11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cozy Cabin Park

Embrace nature at a safe campground. Visit 11 Bridges Campground, RV and Cozy Cabin Park in Rosedale, AB and enjoy an amazing camping experience today.

Wild One said 3 years ago
11 Bridges Campground is privately owned so it is NOT a provincial park. There are cabins, campsites with and without power and showers/bathrooms with some outhouses so you don't have to go too far at night. Also pet friendly with a few dollars extra 😊 Dave & Lori are fantastic people who will help make your stay all the more enjoyable by providing information of attractions, etc in Rosedale, Drumheller, Wayne as well as other places to see. The rules they have stressed upon are necessary as some people take advantage of their hospitality (moving fire pits, littering amongst the trees, and excessive noise, dog poopie piles, etc). It is a quiet, family oriented campground and my husband and I love coming here every opportunity we get. Thank you Dave & Lori for making 11 Bridges Campground so clean and beautiful! ❤️
Jordan Selanders said 3 years ago
The cabins were simple plywood buildings. I would advise camping in an rv there since the mosquito's there are horrid but other than those two self made mistakes the place was alright. Why the 3 stars? I don't like paying to shower.
April Partington said 3 years ago
We stayed her for the first time in July with our family. I found the owners to be fantastic!!! Rules are rules everyone! Its for the safety of their guests that these are in effect! Children are safe as they walk the campground, coolers/goods are not getting stolen, and its the cleanest I have seen for a very very long time. Friendly owners, spotless campground. We cannot wait to come back next year.
Richelle Thomas said 3 years ago
From the moment we booked we should have reconsidered. The hosts are rude and greedy. The campground itself is cute, clean and well maintained but don’t let that be the reason for booking. The hosts are unbearable. Prior to our departure I had indicated that we would arrive around 8pm. As we approached Drumheller I received a rude message questioning when we would be arriving. It was 7:45 and when we checked in the owners seemed put out that we didn’t return their call and further questioned us about the other party arriving indicating that they must be here before 10pm. Even when we indicated they would the hosts seemed agitated and unfriendly. The motto for the weekend quickly became “kill them with kindness” We quickly realized that rules were important to them so as other guests arrived we pre-checked them, confirmed car parking and paid the required extra fees no questions asked. Incident 1: we were playing in the park one of the hosts came flying across the park and started yelling at a person driving in the campground. She obviously noticed that we were uncomfortable with her behavior because she came over to speak with us afterwards to share her perspective. While we appreciate her concern about safety in her campground her approach was abusive and unprofessional. Incident 2:incident occurred when a young boy approached us for our bottles. We gladly donated them to him. Later the boy cornered by the two owners who were threatening him with police and other insults. We felt like we needed to stay in the area to protect the boy and told the owners that we donated the bottles to him. Again the owner felt the need to explain her behavior to us as she visited our campsite that evening indicating he was a thief and liar and how she confiscated his wagon and would sell it on Kijiji. When the owner visited our site the previous night she indicated we were 5 star guests. Despite all of these incidences of poor behavior by they owners, we liked the location, amenities and cleanliness of the campground and contemplated booking for future years. Shame on us for overlooking poor behavior. The Final incident that solidified our lack of trust in the character and integrity of the owners. Upon checkout the male host checked the site as we dumped and did not indicate there were any issues. About an hour down the road I received a voice message indicating that we were being charged a $150 fine for moving the firepit and my mastercard was already charged. The message indicated that if we wanted to come back and remove all the ashes, take them to the dump and bring in new gravel to cover the spot they reverse the charges. This was a complete shock to us as the owner had been visiting at our site and never indicated an issue. I explained in my phone conversation that we did not move the location of the pit but did was swap the moveable fire ring from one site to the other as only one ring was suitable to have a fire. We did not change the location of the pit. The owner indicated that we moved the fire pit into the middle of the campsite when the trailer would back in and now there were two spots with ashes. I explained that wasn’t possible or our young would’ve been tracking through the ashes all weekend. I then requested pictures and felt like the ones provided were staged. When I sent photo images of our time around the fire clearly showing where it was located and requested further pictures showing the inside of the firepit , the request was ignored. From our perspective it seemed evident they were trying to tack on extra charges. If you read further reviews you will find similar stories. If they have your credit card they will charge it without warning or a true opportunity to dispute the charges!
Tina Sunchild said 3 years ago
Horrible. When we arrived there was a sign that said be back later help yourself. So we did we set up our camp. We left a little later and when we arrived we got kicked out. For what I'm not sure. So we cleaned up and packed out to find another site to stay as night was approaching. 3 adults a 3 year old and my 6 month old. My son touched a tree as we were leaving and the owner cussed us out as we were leaving. I'm not sure why it was a problem or were we victims of prejudice? We will never know.

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