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Riverlake Cottages & Campground

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Riverlake Cottages and Campground | McKellar Ontario | lake Manitouwabing

The summer begins at Riverlake Campground. Surrounded by nature offering seasonal trailer sites, great fishing, multiple beaches and a season full of fun and relaxation.

Jack Whitworth said 4 years ago
My family and I stayed here in early August 2015.The owner, Henry, was instantly likeable and friendly, as was his wife, Bonnie, We found it on the internet and were able to book it via E-Mail. We stayed in a simple rustic cabin that is comfortable, with all the amenities one needs,including a TV huge fridge, BBQ and unlimited hot water. The cabin is overlooking the lake which is approx.20 yards away with a small sandy beach and a dock. We were in a perfect position for remarkable sunsets and amazing clear stargazing from the beach also. The campground is quiet, spotless and in a picturesque woodland setting about 25 mins steady drive outside of Parry Sound, and is an ideal position for a base to explore from. We saw lots of wildlife, though no bears, which was reassuring, as I still like my family... We hope to return from England,and would surely recommend this campground.
old camper said 4 years ago
We camped here a few years ago and absolutely hated it. First of all where do I begin i would just like to say the place is pretty but the owners of the park ruined that for us after we paid our fees and moved in. We were looking for a place that we could come from the city and relax and keep to ourselves rather then mingle with people, and here if you didn't go to any of there events we were treated as if we were antisocial. The owners were very judgmental, we had an older boat and we were given a dock in front of our trailer but, after they seen it they then they tried to push us in the worse docking area where the water wasn't deep enough and full of weeds. If you would go swimming you couldn't even hang your towel on a tree branch to dry or even a rope to hang your clothes off of, which we got the third degree for doing so. There were so many rules it was hard to keep up with for example putting certain garbage in the large 50 gallon bins because it was "to much weight" he would look at the things we would throw out which was weird and he would complain about it. He charged us for mostly anything he did for us without asking us if we wanted it done like mowing the lawn for us. He would only come to pick up black water when he thought it was convenient to him which then we would be forced to use the out house and then he would give us heck for using the outhouse. We were constantly watched on every move we made. The last straw for us was when a bear came onto our campsite and when I told the owner of the park he proceeded to laugh at us and told us it was probably just a raccoon!! He was more concerned into lying to the other campers so they wouldn't be scared off instead of warning them about the bear. He also would not let you come back into the park past 10pm because you would wake him up. Therefore this place I do not recommend unless you don't want any privacy or any fun with 20 pages of ridiculous rules, you get less rules at a provincial park!
Claire Laine said 5 years ago
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. Rules that didn't even make sense, or changed daily (as it seemed fitting). Treated awful, watched at all hours of the day. Random charges of items/services from out of the blue. Felt unwelcome.

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