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Trailside RV Resort & Campground

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Trailside RV Resort & Campground | Sun Communities, Inc.

Located in the center of it all, Trailside RV Resort & Campground is the perfect place for weekend getaways, vacations & summer living.

Erikka Verma said 2 years ago
This was our first experience in a RV Resort. I was impressed with the welcome at the front gate as she was sure to explain all the rules and made sure I understood where I was going on the map. After arriving at the camp site I was disappointed. The site was small and muddy. There was a small patch of grass and shrubs although it provided no privacy or relief from the mud or other visitors. The site was on a 'corner lot' meaning I was surrounded by people in every direction I looked. The family across played their radio station all day, peace and enjoyment of the outdoors was out of the question. The park does seem to have some more treed sites that are used by seasonal visitors who appear to have been there for years. Of course, our visit all went down hill with a HUGE storm system, out of the parks control but left the entire park without hydro. Thankfully the public bathrooms were kept running although showers were out of order. To top all of this off only 4 sites have sewer and the dump station for black water is situated on top of a steep hill, for new drivers this made it difficult. The park also requires you to purchase firewood, $10 for a small bag of wood. I felt this was expensive. They also as they you leave a $20 cash deposit for the pass, that is given back to you when it is returned. I will not be returning.
Miss Anonymous said 2 years ago
Was amazing.. Had a trailer for YEARS! Danny was amazing i never wanted to leave. Then... Everything changed danny sold the place left. And well. So did I and alot more people.
Gary Shirley said 2 years ago
Beautiful place, early season and the place isn't fully open. But despite arriving after office hours and without a booking, we were made welcome. We were warned about the flys who had also arrived but they were not as bad as we thought. We were also warned that the Wifi was poor but it's better than the last site. Nearby Parry Sound was a delight to visit, with interesting shops and eateries.
Jason Lang said 3 years ago
Being going to this park for years. Amazing place beautiful scenery. Problem started when the old manager left and a new company and new manager came in. Now there are more rules then a kindergarten class room. Park used to be a lot more fun when Danny was there now every week receiving emails from management with new rules that have never been enforced. This park was always run smoothly without having to enforce rules and everyone has respected everyone else. I think it is time for a staff make over.
Cindy Langlois said 2 years ago
Beautiful resort.

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