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ASUS Computer International, Canada Office
Walter Blagdon said 3 years ago
Dead/faulty battery on 2 month old computer. Called Asus. Horrible customer service. Left me furious. They thought trying to download an upgrade for my motherboard would help. They didn't have a clue and their robotic demeanor did not help. Promised to call me back and didn't. I'm done with them.
Faisal Cheema said 3 years ago
I got abnormal lines on screen of my ASUS Zenfone2, took to ASUS Services Center, Markham, ON. they told that they will fix it as this phone is still in warranty. They said it will take 2 to 3 days. Next day they sent me shipment tracking information as It was fixed. phone is working perfectly. great service.
William & Polly Shires said 3 years ago
No help whatsoever. Dead battery, Canadian online store sold out, webpage says "No problem, you can visit this store". I google the location, call the number, get Asus support in some other country, blah blah so happy to provide you with that service sir, but I can't actually help you, now I'm going to put you through to the store. Wait on line for five minutes and the call hangs up. Call the number she gave me, it's support in some other country again, and the guy won't give me the number for the G.D. store an hour away from me to check if they have a battery in stock. Zero. Help. Whatsover.
w chen said 3 years ago
Bought a T100T 2-in-1 notebook less than two years ago for $500. Took it back for service twice within two years. This time they wanted $395 to replace a motherboard when the exact same machine is on sale today for $220 brand new. How does this even make any sense?
Gilles Mongeau said 3 years ago
asus is money hungry and dont care about there clients dont buy asus. i am autistic and i tried to install my cpu by my self and bent 3 pins so i sent it back and now they want to charge me more then a new motherboard ( rip off ) so dont buy asus

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